Juice Bar Point of Sale System

Juice Bar POS SystemCongratulations! You have decided to take charge of your financial future by opening your own juice bar. You have spent countless hours developing tasty, healthy beverage recipes and designing the perfect juice bar décor to wow your future customers. Have you put the same care into choosing a point of sale system? Your choice of POS system will have a profound impact on the success of your juice bar, as it will be involved in every aspect of your business, from inventory and accounting to customer service. Calypso’s turnkey juice bar point of sale system is specifically designed to ensure your juice bar success, by helping you to:

Lower Expenses
Startup expenses quickly add up when you are opening a new juice bar. To help you stay on budget, Calypso’s juice bar POS is available for only a small initial investment. Integrated credit, debit, and gift card processing is included, so you will not have to purchase additional processing equipment or add extra phone lines. You will also save on employee training expenses with Calypso, thanks to straightforward, easy to use software that your employees will quickly master.

Deliver Superb Service
Juice bar customers live an on-the-go lifestyle; they are not willing to put up with slow service or long lines. The simple, department-driven screens and single screen order-to-pay solution provided by Calypso’s juice bar point of sale system will help your cashiers serve your customers in record time. Barcode scanning speeds sales by automatically entering nutraceutical and supplement prices into your juice bar POS software.

Manage Business Operations
When operating a juice bar, you are responsible for performing many different business tasks. Calypso helps you manage all your business operations quickly and effortlessly with powerful management tools including:

  • Labor Management – No scheduling worries with Calypso’s turnkey juice bar POS; the built-in employee time clock and labor scheduling features help you quickly draw up employee schedules and avoid unnecessary overtime expenses.
  • Inventory Management – Tracking and controlling inventory can be a challenge, so Calypso’s POS for juice bars is available with a full roster of inventory management features so you can easily keep track of your ingredients and products, monitor product usage, and develop delivery schedules.
  • Detailed Back Office Reporting – This optional feature will give you all the data you need to monitor, track , and control every aspect of your business operations
  • Loss Prevention Technology  Calypso protects your profitability with Cash Drawer assignment that assigns cashiers to their specific drawer for hands only cash responsibility, preventing unauthorized NO SALE transactions and order entry with open drawer. An optional integrated DVS system is also available.

Build Your Business
Marketing is an essential part of growing a business. To help you develop a large customer base for your juice bar, Calypso’s juice bar POS software seamlessly integrates with SunDrop Mobile Marketing solution. If social media marketing has always seemed too complicated, never fear – with Calypso and SunDrop, you will soon be effortlessly leveraging social media to build a devoted cadre of loyal fans using Facebook, text, and email campaigns.

Let Calypso help you make your dream of juice bar success come true! In addition to our dynamic juice bar point of sale systems, Calypso also offers customized delivery, quick serve, table service, and yogurt shop POS solutions. Contact Calypso today at 800-771-7100 to discover more ways Calypso can help your new juice bar succeed!

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