Restaurant Delivery Management Solutions

Restaurant Delivery Management SolutionsRestaurant managers have the task of ensuring that all aspects of their restaurants run smoothly and efficiently. As the manager of a delivery service restaurant, you face all the usual duties and more, since you are also responsible for overseeing drivers and managing delivery performance. To aid you in your task, you need a restaurant management system that combines delivery service functionality with powerful restaurant management features. By providing this robust mix of features, Calypso’s restaurant delivery management solutions provide all the tools you need to run your business efficiently and profitably.

For your delivery restaurant to succeed, you need to provide consistently fast, accurate delivery service that your customers can depend on. Calypso’s POS for delivery restaurants includes a full range of delivery features, including integrated Caller ID that instantly identifies customers and a powerful database with customers’ names, numbers, and addresses, with room for special notations. Delivery Driver management and advanced dispatching functionality helps you to oversee and monitor delivery times, while the ability to create Multiple Order delivery driver tickets allows for flexible order delivery, reducing delivery time and ensuring a high level of customer satisfaction.

Part of running a profitable restaurant is making sure your operating costs are as low as possible. Since payroll costs are typically the largest expense restaurants face, Calypso provides time and attendance functionality that includes an employee time clock that controls employees’ in-and-out times and scheduling features that will help you eliminate expensive overtime costs. Full-featured functionality helps you manage and adjust punch times; included tip reporting and the ability to jointly track tips and sales helps you identify your top performers so you can arrange schedules to handle even the busiest delivery schedules with ease.

To further lower costs, Calypso’s restaurant POS solutions require only a low initial investment, and feature straightforward, easy to learn screens that minimize training time. Integrated debit, credit, and gift card processing is included, so there is no need to install extra phone lines or purchase additional equipment. Since Calypso operates without Windows, you will never face expensive shutdowns or crashes due to computer viruses, and can count on continuous, reliable operation.

Inventory management functions are necessary for complete control of your restaurant operations, so Calypso’s full-featured restaurant management software includes optional recipe, inventory, and ingredient tracking. You will be able to track all items needed to create each menu item; the software helps you compare accurate information on the cost of raw materials with product movement so you can calculate the ROI of menu items. Never run short on ingredients again, thanks to functionality that monitors product usage and keeps track on stock on hand so you can schedule deliveries before product supplies reach a critical level.

Even the accounting chores that most restaurant managers dread are easier with Calypso’s versatile POS solution, which features seamless QuickBooks integration. You will be able to easily transfer sales and order data without the risk of transposed numbers and mis-keys that can occur when manually reentering data.

Whether you are operating a pizza delivery service or adding catering and delivery to your table service restaurant, Calypso’s full-featured delivery POS solutions make it easy to operate your restaurant more profitably and efficiently than ever before! A full array of additional features is available to suit your individual management needs, including barcode scanning, an integrated video surveillance system, a dynamic loyalty program to build a devoted customer base, and more. Contact Calypso today at 800-771-7100 to discover more ways Calypso can make restaurant delivery management chores a breeze!

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