Yogurt Shop Software Solutions

Yogurt Shop Software SolutionsAs a yogurt shop owner, you know that serving great-tasting yogurt is not enough to guarantee the success of your shop; you also need to be firmly in control of every aspect of your shop’s operations. From payroll and accounting chores to ensuring your customers receive superb service, all the responsibilities critical to your shop’s survival rest firmly on your shoulders. Yogurt shop software solutions can help lighten your load if they provide the tools you need to accomplish your daily management tasks. This guide lists the features yogurt shop software solutions should offer to help you effectively manage operations at your yogurt shop:

Minimizing costs is the first step in building a profitable business. Yogurt shop software solutions should help lower costs from the start, by requiring only a low initial investment. They should be straightforward and easy to learn, so only a minimal amount of training time is required. Integrated debit, credit, and gift card processing should be included, eliminating the need to purchase additional phone lines or expensive processing equipment.

Integrated POS Scales
Fast, accurate service is an essential component of your yogurt shop success. Yogurt POS solutions should include integrated POS scales that read the weight of frozen yogurt merchandise, using Tare weights to subtract the weight of the cup and automatically calculate the correct final price. By performing all functions automatically, these yogurt shop solutions speed service and eliminate the errors that can occur when cashiers have to re-key manually. The best yogurt shop POS scales are configurable for multiple cup sizes and use OZ weights to simplify service even more.

Time and Attendance Functionality
Payroll can be the largest operational expense yogurt shops face, and arranging schedules and tracking employee hours to minimize costs can consume a great deal of yogurt shop owners’ time. Yogurt shop software should offer an employee time clock that controls employees’ in-and-out times, and include scheduling features that help you to quickly create schedules and track employee hours to eliminate expensive overtime charges.

Optional Recipe, Inventory, and Ingredient Tracking
Avoid ingredient and topping shortages by choosing a full-featured POS for yogurt stores that offers inventory management functions. This handy functionality will keep track of your stock on hand and monitor product usage,  so you will know when to schedule deliveries and how much of each item to order.

Detailed Back Office Reporting
In order for you to manage your yogurt shop effectively, you need complete, up to the minute access to all the financial details of your operation. An ideal yogurt shop software solution will make a full roster of reports readily available, so you can make informed decisions to guide the course of your yogurt shop.

Seamless QuickBooks Integration
Accounting duties can be so difficult and time-consuming that some owners end up hiring outside help. Yogurt shop software that is integrated with QuickBooks will allow for seamless transfer of all your sales and order data so you can easily handle accounting chores yourself!

Calypso’s dynamic yogurt shop software solutions have all of the above features and more! Customized specifically to meet the needs of yogurt shops, these turnkey solutions help your business succeed with gift and loyalty programs, barcode scanning, and available loss prevention technology. Calypso’s turnkey yogurt shop POS systems even integrate with SunDrop Mobile so you can take full advantage of social media marketing to build your business. Contact Calypso today at 800-771-7100 to discover all the ways Calypso’s yogurt shop software solutions can help ensure your success!


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