Affordable Juice Bar POS Solutions

affordable-juice-bar-pos-solutionsAs a new juice bar owner, you need to keep a strict eye on your start-up expenses. To ensure your continuing success, though, you need to consider not only the initial cost of the equipment you purchase but also its long-term effect on your profitability. For example, a less expensive, less powerful juicer may initially be more affordable, but in the long run it will damage your business if its poor performance leads to dissatisfied customers. This same principle applies to your juice bar POS solution: a cut-rate POS that lacks the essential functionality you need is no bargain. Fortuitously, Calypso’s Juice Bar POS solution is truly affordable in every sense – it is affordable to purchase, saves you money as you operate your business, and has all the functionality you need to make your juice bar a profitable success!

Calypso’s affordable juice bar POS solutions help ensure your juice bar’s profitability the entire time you own your business, by:

Lowering Expenses
To help you stick to your start-up budget, Calypso’s juice bar POS requires only a low initial investment. Credit, debit, and gift card processing is already an integrated part of Calypso’s affordable juice bar POS solutions, so you do not have to purchase third party processing equipment or pay to have an extra phone line installed. That means no additional monthly phone line charge, either.

Minimizing Training Time
Payroll expenses can quickly mount up, so Calypso’s juice bar point of sale solutions feature straightforward, simple to use software that is so easy to learn that even first-time cashiers can master the system in a minimal amount of time.

Ensuring Reliability
Calypso’s juice bar software operates Windows-free, so you avoid the Windows-related crashes, glitches, and viruses that can cost you sales by putting your POS system out of commission. You also will never have to pay for expensive Windows upgrades or service packs.

Increasing Speed of Sales
The more customers your juice bar serves, the more profitable it will be. To ensure your customer line moves quickly, Calypso’s juice bar point of sale systems feature simple, department-driven menu screens and a single screen order-to-pay solution that helps your cashiers check out customers in record time. Included barcode scanning automatically enters the prices of your nutraceuticals and supplements into your juice bar POS solution so transactions are always as accurate as they are fast.

Simplifying Business Operations
Calypso’s juice bar point of sale solutions simplify your daily business chores and save you money every step of the way. Inventory Management features help you monitor product usage and keep track of ingredients and products so your operating capital is not tied up in stock overages, as well as helping you set up delivery schedules so you never lose a sale by running short of a needed ingredient. Calypso’s turnkey POS for juice bars also includes labor management features and a built-in employee time clock so you can eliminate the expense of unnecessary overtime charges.

As you can see, Calypso ably earns the title of most affordable juice bar POS by lowering your operating costs and protecting your long-term profitability! Calypso also includes built-in QuickBooks integration, optional back office reporting, and much more. Contact Calypso today at 800-771-7100 to discover even more ways Calypso can help ensure your juice bar success!

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