Affordable Pizza Shop POS Solutions

Pizza Shop POS SolutionsCongratulations on opening your own pizza shop! Whether you are an experienced entrepreneur or a first time small business owner, finding affordable, powerful equipment for your enterprise is always a priority. Everything you purchase for your pizza shop – from your ovens to your signage – should be available at a reasonable cost and be specifically designed to contribute to your new venture’s profitability in a real and tangible way. Your pizza shop POS should fit the same criteria – it should be inexpensively priced and full of features that will help you profitably manage your restaurant operations for years to come. Calypso’s affordable Pizza Shop POS solutions fit the bill perfectly, by providing you with full-featured, customized pizza shop functionality at a price you can readily afford!

Calypso’s affordable pizza shop POS solutions are specifically designed to enhance the profitability of pizza shops, with a full roster of features that will:

Lower Your Start-up Expenses
To help you stick to your start-up budget, Calypso’s affordable pizza shop POS solutions are available for just a low initial investment. Integrated credit, debit, and gift card processing is included, eliminating the need to purchase extra equipment or additional phone lines. Simple, department driven menu screens are easily learned even by first time employees, drastically reducing the amount of training time needed.

Reduce Your Operating Costs
To qualify as truly affordable, a pizza shop POS solution should ensure the on-going profitability of your business. Calypso’s turn-key POS for pizza shops does so by including time and attendance functionality that will reduce your operating expenses for the entire time you own your pizzeria. Scheduling features lower the amount of time you spend figuring weekly schedules and help you to avoid unnecessary overtime expenses. An employee time clock controls your employees’ in-and-out times, and included functionality helps you to easily manage and adjust punch times. Optional tracking of recipes, inventory, and ingredients is available to give you complete cost-control management functionality.

Enable Exceptional Delivery Service
Delivery service is the bulk of many pizza shops’ revenue, so Calypso includes powerful Delivery Driver Management features that will help you develop a profitable, efficient delivery schedule. Integrated Caller ID instantly identifies your customers as they call in, while the powerful database built into Calypso’s pizza shop POS software displays all your customers’ vital information. In addition to your customers’ names, numbers, and addresses, Calypso shows any special notations you have added, including customer allergies or driver warnings and instructions such as “Dangerous dog inside fence”.

Advanced Delivery Driver management and dispatching functionality is incorporated into Calypso’s full-featured pizza delivery POS solutions, so you can run several drivers at the same time without confusion. The Multiple Orders delivery driver ticket allows for flexible order delivery so pizzas can be delivered in the shortest time possible. Calypso also includes tip reporting, and even gives you the ability to track tips and sales together so you can easily see who your best drivers are. Schedule these stars during your busiest times to develop the fastest, most efficient pizza delivery service in town!

Calypso’s affordable pizza shop POS solutions improve your profitability and enhance the operation of your pizza shop in a myriad of ways. Calypso offers a complete array of full-featured pizza shop functionality to suit your needs, including seamless QuickBooks integration, barcode scanning, a versatile loyalty program to increase your customer base, and so much more! Contact Calypso today at 800-771-7100 to discover all the ways that Calypso can help your pizza shop become a profitable success!

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