Juice Bar Point of Sale Support

Juice Bar POS SupportIf your juice bar point of sale stops working, will your POS company be there to help? If you purchased your point of sale system from a discount company, the answer will be a resounding “No!” In an attempt to manage their expenses, some juice bar owners fall into the trap of purchasing bargain-basement point of sale solutions. Purchasing a cut-rate POS solution or buying individual components and cobbling together a patchwork POS network yourself can have dire consequences for the financial health of your juice bar. If your point of sale system ever needs repairs you could lose valuable time and money, alienating your customers as you search for a third party POS Repair Company to come to your aid. When you purchase a juice bar POS solution from Calypso, our dedicated team of professionals provides full-service juice bar point of sale support to ensure your system remains up and working correctly!

At Calypso, we are dedicated to protecting your profitability. That means our representatives will work to ensure your juice bar point of sale solution operates reliably and efficiently from day one. Your juice bar POS will arrive with clear, easy to follow instructions that make installation a breeze. If you are new to POS technology or have any reservations about the ability of your staff to competently use your new juice bar point of sale solution, you can take advantage of our training and programming packages. Your staff will quickly be using the new system like pros!

One of the many benefits of Calypso’s juice bar point of sale solution is it runs without Windows. This prevents glitches and downtime due to computer viruses, helping Calypso to provide continuous, reliable operation. If a problem does ever arises with your juice bar POS solution, Calypso offers Full Service Help Desk Support, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Live, bilingual support representatives are always available to help, so you will never face the frustration of getting a recording or answering service in your time of need. Our support representatives employ sophisticated online troubleshooting and diagnosis techniques that enable them to resolve most issues right over the phone.

If you require further assistance with your juice bar POS solution, Calypso has local Field Service Technicians that can swiftly come to your aid, any day of the year. We have several support options available, so you can choose the one that best fits your needs and budgetary guidelines. Our POS tech support representative will arrive in a repair van fully stocked with an assortment of monitors and hardware to make any needed repairs. No waiting for days or weeks for parts to come in!

Calypso’s affordable juice bar POS software is designed with a single goal in mind: helping your business operate as profitably as possible. Simple, department driven menu screens and a single screen pay-to-order solution increase the speed of service and help make Calypso easy to learn. All the features juice bars need for efficient operation are included, such as labor and payroll functionality, inventory management, and integrated credit/debit card processing. Optional barcode scanning is even available to make selling nutraceuticals and supplements a breeze! Contact Calypso today at 800-771-7100 to discover all the ways Calypso’s turnkey juice bar POS solutions can help your business operate profitably for years to come!

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