Pizza Shop Point of Sale Support

Pizza Shop POS Support Pizza shops are some of the busiest restaurants around. During weekend nights and Game Day rushes, your pizza delivery business turns into a whirlwind of activity, with orders coming in a constant stream. If your point of sale solution stops working, those profitable transactions come to an abrupt halt. This can deal a massive blow to your bottom line – through the loss of orders while your POS system is out of commission, as well as the potential loss of patrons as they turn to other pizza shops to fill their orders. If you are one of the savvy pizza shop owners who chose Calypso as their pizza shop POS provider, you can relax: our full service pizza shop point of sale support will quickly have your POS working so you can return to running your profitable business.

To provide maximum reliability, Calypso’s pizza delivery software runs without Windows. This allows you to avoid the crashes, glitches, and viruses that software running on the Windows operating system can suffer. If a problem does ever occur, Calypso’s Full Service Help Desk Support is just a phone call away. Since some of pizza shops’ busiest times are late at night on weekends and holidays, our live, bilingual support representatives are always there to help you, 24-hours a day, 365 days a year. You will never be forced to leave a message with an answering service while you turn away customers during a busy late-night rush. Our support representatives can often resolve any issues you have right over the phone, using sophisticated online diagnosis and troubleshooting programs.

In the rare case that your issue requires further help, Calypso’s Field Service technicians can have your pizza POS system fixed in a jiffy. Our technicians are on duty 24 hours a day, all year long – even on holidays. They are dispatched from a nearby local location, arriving swiftly in a fully stocked van. Since they carry a full assortment of monitors, hardware, and parts, you will never face long delays waiting for parts to arrive while your profits bleed away. Calypso offers several support options from which to choose, so you can balance your budget and support needs to find the perfect fit.

While it is true that Calypso offers superb pizza shop point of sale support, we work from our first contact with you to try to ensure that you never need it. Our experienced representatives will help you assemble a complete Calypso pizza shop POS solution with the exact hardware and software options that best suit your needs. Your turnkey pizza POS solution will arrive with clear, easy to understand instructions that will walk you through the installation step by step. If you are unfamiliar with POS technology, Calypso offers several training and programming packages so you and your staff can quickly become familiar with your new pizza delivery POS system so you can fully utilize all its features.

In addition to offering exceptional support options, Calypso’s affordable pizza shop POS solutions are loaded with features to help your business prosper! The versatile customer database, with room for special notations, instantly identifies your customers when they call. Calypso’s powerful Delivery Driver Management features facilitate flexible order delivery, while integrated credit card processing, time and attendance functionality, and optional recipe tracking make managing your pizza shop operations a breeze! Contact Calypso today at 800-771-7100 to discover more ways that Calypso can help ensure your pizza shop success!

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