Choosing the Best POS System

Choosing a POS SystemChoosing the best POS system for your restaurant can be an intimidating task. This single decision could very well determine the ultimate success of your restaurant, since your POS system will play a major role in every area of your restaurant’s operations. For your restaurant to be successful, you need a POS system that will enable you to perform all your necessary restaurant operations easily and efficiently, without miring you in confusing and difficult to use software. To make choosing the best POS system a little easier, the following guide identifies the key attributes every restaurant POS system should have:

Easy Usability
Restaurants typically have a high rate of employee turnover. If your POS system is complex and difficult to learn, you could end up paying thousands of dollars in unnecessary payroll costs as your employees struggle to master the system. Your restaurant POS system should feature a straightforward, intuitive user interface that is so easy to learn even first time employees can become proficient with a minimal amount of training time. Simple, department driven menu screens will eliminate the need to search for specific functions and menu items, helping your staff to offer the fast and accurate service your customers deserve.

Your POS system should protect your profitability for the entire time you own your restaurant; first by requiring only a low initial investment, and then by lowering your ongoing expenses. A POS system that includes integrated credit/debit/gift card processing will eliminate the need to purchase extra processing equipment and additional phone lines, so you face no installation charges or onerous monthly fees.

Fast, Accurate Transactions
The more customers your restaurant serves, the higher your profits will be. Your restaurant point of sale systems should feature a single screen order-to-pay solution, so your cashiers can place an order, authorize credit/ debit/ gift cards, and pay the check without having to waste time paging through different screens. With all needed operations on one screen, cashiers can quickly process a transaction and immediately move onto the next.

Restaurant-Specific Functionality
One-size-fits-all POS systems offer no advantages; instead, they slow down service with useless functions and unnecessary complexities. For example, a delivery POS should offer Caller ID, a powerful customer database, and Delivery Driver Management and dispatching functionality. Those features are useless in a yogurt shop POS that should instead include integrated POS scales with TARE weights that subtract the weight of the cup, speeding sales and eliminating the need to rekey manually. Make sure your point of sale system is customized to meet the needs of your specific restaurant type.

Choose a POS system that operates without Windows, so you are protected from viruses, glitches, and expensive crashes. Take a close look at the POS company before you buy; many will leave you stranded, offering no support, no repair services, and no help whatsoever in a crisis. Protect yourself by choosing a company that offers training packages, Help Desk support, and local Field technicians ready to come to your aid.

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