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Turnkey POS Systems During your restaurant POS search, you probably encountered a number of products that were touted as “turnkey POS systems,” leaving you with the question: do these systems really qualify as turnkey solutions? To earn the designation of “Turnkey,” a POS system should be a comprehensive restaurant solution, loaded with all the features needed to manage your business operations. The system should be easy to learn and use, arriving on your doorstep ready for immediate use with no additional components needed. Unfortunately, many of these purported turnkey POS systems fail to live up to their designation. Calypso, however, delivers true turnkey POS systems that deliver all the essential functionalities you need to achieve maximum profitability at your restaurant:

Powerful Cashier/Ordering Technology
Featuring simple department driven menu screens and a single screen order-to-pay solution, Calypso’s turnkey restaurant POS helps your staff to offer fast, accurate service. All items in your customers’ orders can be hot and ready at the same time, since your cashiers can opt to send, stay, or hold individual items and even perform “On the Fly” ordering for last minute additions. Flexible order routing to kitchen or bar prep areas and custom kitchen messages that allow clear communication between cashiers and kitchen, allow your staff to accurately process a high volume of orders for the greatest customer satisfaction!

Integrated Payment Processing
With Calypso’s genuine turnkey POS systems, everything you need to process card purchases is included – no need to purchase third-party processing equipment or expensive additional phone lines! Thanks to Calypso’s integrated credit, debit, and gift card processing, you can process transactions directly from the PCI, PA-DSS compliant POS system.

Time Management and Payroll Features
Since payroll is the highest ongoing business expense most restaurants face, Calypso’s complete restaurant POS solutions include powerful time management and payroll features. Keep payroll expenses to a manageable level with the integrated time clock that controls your employees’ in-and-out times, allowing you to manage and adjust punch times as needed. Tip reporting is included along with tips vs. sales tracking to provide you with all the information you need to minimize payroll expenditures.

Integrated POS Scales
To ensure you can accurately weigh and price frozen yogurt, deli meats, salad bar items, and more, Calypso’s turnkey point of sale solutions include TARE weighted, integrated POS scales. You can program in different cup/container sizes, eliminating the need to re-key manually and reducing the risk of time-consuming employee errors.

Barcode Scanning
Calypso’s full-featured POS solutions even include barcode scanning, which makes selling packaged desserts, sauces, and other items a breeze! Barcodes can also be printed on guest checks for easier cashier transactions.

Available Integrated DVS System
As part of your comprehensive restaurant POS solution, Calypso offers an integrated DVS system that provides solid surveillance of your establishment, assets, and patrons to protect your business from the risk of employee theft and frivolous lawsuits. Calypso’s loss prevention technology allows you to search and review actual order data with video, and you can even monitor live video at any time via your iPhone, Windows phone, or any web browser!

As you can see, Calypso’s turnkey POS systems easily live up to their moniker by delivering all the essential restaurant management features you need and more! In addition to being full-featured, Calypso’s turnkey POS solutions are eminently affordable, offering reliable Windows-free operation without the need for expensive upgrades. Contact Calypso today at 800-771-7100 for more information on all the benefits Calypso has to offer!

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