Ice Cream Flavor Trends

Ice Cream FlavorsAre you searching for new flavors to perk up your ice cream sales in 2014? Food tastes in America are constantly evolving, as consumers seek new and unusual flavors to excite their palates. Introducing novel flavors and unique flavor pairings can be the ideal way to attract new customers and remind long-time patrons to return for another scoop of their favorite dessert treat. After combing through industry papers, we have found the newest taste sensations sweeping the ice cream industry this year. If you are interested in offering the hottest flavors in cool treats to your customers, take a closer look at the ice cream flavor trends topping the charts in 2014:

True to the Fruit
For many years, so-called “fruit flavored ice creams” have actually been candy-flavored confections that bear little resemblance to actual fruit flavors. The growing movement towards healthier, locally sourced produce and food has spilled over to ice cream flavors, and customers are now interested in flavors that more accurately resemble the fruit they are named for. While mango and ginger are currently the top performers, traditional favorites such as strawberry are enjoying a resurgence of popularity in their natural form. Try incorporating actual fruit parts as well as natural flavoring to create fruity confections guaranteed to please!

Sweet and Savory
Ice cream innovators are jazzing up familiar tastes by creating some unusual flavor combinations that taste simply fabulous together. Combining sweet and savory flavors is particularly popular this year, with the new concoctions appealing to adult tastes rather than satisfying children’s desire for everything sweet and sugary. From subtle combinations such as strawberry paired with basil and apple blended with ginger to the luscious taste of salty caramel, mixing sweet and savory is a certain way to bring adult customers back for more.

Spice It Up
For the more daring ice cream shop proprietors, flavors with an added touch of heat are proving to be extremely popular. Taking their cue from Mexican hot chocolate, which is traditionally served with a touch of chili powder that perfectly accents the rich chocolate flavor, ice cream trendsetters are offering spicy combinations such as chocolate chili, honey wasabi, and black pepper caramel. Experiment by adding just a touch of spice, gradually adding more until you reach the perfect degree of sizzle.

Sophisticated Super Fruits
Consumer desire for nutrient-rich super fruits continues to grow. In addition to imparting a rich and delicious flavor to your frozen confections, these healthy berries and fruits provide a powerful blast of vitamins and anti-oxidants that make them very attractive to today’s health-conscious consumers. Popular powerhouses acai, pomegranate, and goji are currently dominating this taste trend, while blueberry and raspberry remain strong contenders. Try mixing two or more fruits to create your own super-charged flavor trend!

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