Ice Cream Trends

Ice Cream TrendsAre you looking for a way to turn up the heat on your cooling ice cream shop profits? Ice cream shop sales have a tendency to slow down during winter months, and this year’s frigid temperatures and unexpected snows are helping to fuel the move to warmer refreshments. Fortunately, there are some exciting new ice cream trends sweeping the country that are certain to get your shop noticed! We searched industry sources to find the hottest trends for frozen treats, and came up with some amazing finds. Incorporating these new offerings into your ice cream shop menu could be the perfect way to attract new customers, energize your loyal fan base, and get your profits back up where they belong!

The most exciting ice cream trends of 2014 are:

  • Instant / Nitrogen Ice Cream
    Imagine your customers’ delight as you create custom ice cream confections before their very eyes! Instant Ice Cream is created by using liquid nitrogen to freeze a batch of ice cream – in only a few seconds, you have a delicious frozen treat ready to eat. More than just a cool concept, nitrogen ice cream is richer, creamier, and offers unique benefits: customers can choose the specific ingredients they want in each serving, and since nitrogen ice cream is created instantly, no preservatives, chemicals, or emulsifiers are needed. The use of locally sourced, fresh ingredients is this year’s top food trend; by incorporating these ingredients in your nitrogen ice cream, you can create a healthy treat that hits the food trend sweet spot!
  • Ice Cream Sandwiches
    Ice cream sandwiches are getting a grown-up makeover for 2014. Gone are the boring vanilla ice cream and chocolate wafer pairings of the past; these frozen confections are making the scene with exciting new ingredients and flavors. By combining trendy flavors like mango and green tea ice cream with airy pistachio or almond macarons, you can create decadent treats certain to please even the most sophisticated palates!

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