Marketing for Your New Ice Cream Shop

Ice Cream Shop Marketing Congratulations! After many months of hard work, you are finally opening the doors of your new ice cream shop. You have a full assortment of delicious ice cream flavors, tasty toppings, and delectable desserts… now all you need is some customers! Attracting customers to come in for their first taste is one of the biggest challenges new ice cream shops face. You already have spent a considerable amount of money on start-up expenses opening your ice cream shop, so you need to find some methods of marketing for your new ice cream shop that are as affordable  as they are effective. To help you on your way, we have put together some cost-effective ice cream shop marketing tips – try them and you will soon have as many customers as your ice cream shop can hold!

Leverage Local Media
Local newspapers are always looking for new stories, and as the hard-working entrepreneur of a new business, you have an interesting tale to tell. How did you get your start in business? What inspired you to open your ice cream shop, and what makes it unique? Call papers in your area and ask if they would be interested in publishing a story about your business. Community papers often offer a front-page story to new customers purchasing ads; this can be an excellent way to notify your neighbors that you are open for business.

Play Tour Guide
Contact local grade schools or summer camps (if school is not in session) and offer to give class tours of your operations. This is the perfect way to introduce your ice cream shop to local residents; the teachers will appreciate having a fun and informative field trip for their students and the children will love the chance to learn about ice cream while enjoying tasty samples. Send each child home with a coupon for a free cone to bring in the whole family.

Create Cross Marketing Promotions
Collaborate with complimentary, non-competing businesses in the area to create some cross marketing promotions that will benefit you both. You could display flyers for classes at the local craft store; the craft teachers could reward students by handing out coupons for a free small ice cream cone at the end of their sessions.

Become a Social Media Maven
Social media marketing is one of the most effective and affordable ways of reaching customers. You can run specials and contests on your Facebook page, conducting polls on favorite toppings, flavors, etc. You can run a contest on Instagram by having customers post photos of their favorite ice cream creations – the best one each week wins a free scoop! Keep in touch through Twitter, texts, and emails to bring customers back for regular repeat visits.

Social media marketing is a breeze when you choose Calypso’s ice cream point of sale software for your new shop! Calypso’s ice cream shop POS seamlessly integrates with the powerful Sundrop mobile loyalty solution to provide a simple, easy way to connect with your customers – just collect your customers’ phone number and Sundrop’s mobile loyalty solution does the rest. You can easily engage customers with targeted SMS text, email, voice, and social media communications to keep them coming back for more!

It is easy to see why Calypso is known as the best POS for ice cream shops – it includes all the features ice cream entrepreneurs need including time management and payroll functionality, integrated credit card processing, an integrated POS scale, and much more. Contact Calypso today at 800-771-7100 to learn more ways Calypso can help your new ice cream shop succeed!

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