Opening a Nitrogen Ice Cream Shop

Nitrogen Ice Cream Shop If you are a fan of ice cream, innovation, and excitement, opening a nitrogen ice cream shop could be your ticket to small business bliss in 2014! Nitrogen ice cream is one of the hottest new food trends for 2014, with fans of all ages eagerly lining up for the innovative frozen treats. Children love watching the billowing clouds of liquid nitrogen transform their ingredients into ice cream, and adults appreciate the rich creamy taste and health benefits offered by these chilly confections. While the process of creating ice cream has changed, the secret of running a successful ice cream shop remains the same: with a lot of hard work, dedication, and the right combination of factors, even first-time entrepreneurs can enjoy a high level of ice cream shop success. The following guide outlines some of the key questions you will face as you open your own nitrogen ice cream shop:

Should I open a franchise or independent nitrogen ice cream shop?
Nitrogen ice cream shops are a relatively new phenomenon, but a few franchises are already available. There are many benefits to opening a franchise: you will be working with an established business model, your décor and furnishings have already been chosen by the franchisor, and you may be able to use their suppliers. You will have to pay a fee and monthly royalties, but if this is your first foray into small business ownership, working with a well-established franchisor may be your wisest choice.

Where is the best location for a nitrogen ice cream shop?
An area with a lot of foot traffic is the ideal location for your nitrogen ice cream shop. Look for highly visible, family-friendly locations near parks and schools, with ample parking. Busy malls can also be a smart choice; since the process of making nitrogen ice cream is so entertaining and dramatic to watch, try to find a storefront that features glass walls so passersby can watch as you create your delicious treats.

How do I get the ingredients to make nitrogen ice cream?
Nitrogen ice cream offers customers the chance to create their own unique flavor sensations, as customers choose their base and add all the flavorings and toppings they desire. Fresh fruit is one of the most popular ingredients, so it is imperative to establish a reliable network of produce suppliers. It is a good idea to work with several produce suppliers, so that even if one company is out of a particular food item, you can still obtain all the ingredients you need. Track the amount of the various ice cream bases you use and set up automatic deliveries to ensure you never run low.

What is the best POS for nitrogen ice cream shops?
As an ice cream shop owner, you have many responsibilities. Calypso’s nitrogen ice cream shop POS lightens your load by delivering all the features you need to manage every aspect of your ice cream operations, including employee time clock and labor scheduling functionality, gift-card and loyalty programs, optional back office reporting, and much more. Optional inventory management features monitor your ingredient usage, so you can forecast your future needs and set up delivery schedules so you always have the supplies you need. Even accounting duties are a breeze, thanks to Calypso’s integrated QuickBooks interface!

Featuring straightforward, easy to use software and simple department-driven menu screens, Calypso’s ice cream POS software has everything you need for ice cream shop success! Contact Calypso today at 800-771-7100 to discover more ways Calypso can help your nitrogen ice cream shop succeed!

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