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Breakfast Joint POS SoftwareIs your breakfast joint POS system equipped to keep up with your rising sales volume? As a breakfast joint owner, you have seen your sales numbers consistently rising over the last year. More than 12.5 billion breakfast visits were made in the U.S. last year, according to industry research firm The NPD Group, which translates into a 3 percent gain from the year before. Quick serve restaurants such as your breakfast joint experienced 4 percent growth; this trend is expected to accelerate, with quick serve restaurant morning meal visits predicted to grow by 9 percent over the next nine years. Keeping up with the bustling pace of these increased sales can be a challenge, but with Calypso’s breakfast joint POS system you can handle growing sales with ease. Calypso’s point of sale system has all the features busy breakfast joints need, including:

Easy to Learn, Easy to Use Software
Restaurants experience a high amount of employee turnover, and often hire new employees for their first job. This leaves you with the need to train employees quickly on your POS system, without extended training sessions that waste your time and money. Calypso’s breakfast joint POS system features simple, department driven screens, making it so easy to learn and use that even first-time employees will quickly become proficient with only nominal training. Included features help cashiers to easily manage and track Eat In, Take Out, Call In, and Catering orders by type.

Fast Checkout Features
Breakfast customers have strict weekday schedules – they cannot afford to be late for work because of slow checkouts and long lines. With the single screen order to pay solution offered by Calypso’s POS for restaurants, your cashiers can place an order, authorize credit, debit, or gift card payments, and pay the check without ever having to leave the screen! This saves valuable time, drastically increasing the speed of service.

Drive-Thru Management Features
Early morning breakfast customers are always in a hurry, so Calypso’s quick serve POS helps keep drive-thru lines moving swiftly with a kitchen video display that includes speed of service reporting for drive-thru. You can customize item colors to make checkouts easier and faster, manage order times, and you can even set alerts to inform you of long ticket times.

Loss Prevention Technology
Employee theft can run rampant at busy breakfast restaurants, where the fast pace makes constant oversight an impossibility. Calypso’s breakfast restaurant POS system offers two ways to protect your profits:

  • Cash Drawer Assignment assigns cashiers to their drawers for hands only cash responsibility and prevents unauthorized NO SALE transactions. SMART cash drawer prevents order entry with open drawer for added security.
  • Integrated DVS System, an available option that protects your business by providing solid surveillance of your establishment, assets, and patrons. Your business is protected even when you are offsite, since you can search and review actual order data with video through any web browser and even monitor live video through your iPhone or Windows phone.

Affordable, Reliable Performance
Calypso is the most affordable POS on the market, available for just a low initial investment. Integrated credit/debit/gift card processing is included, and Calypso’s breakfast POS system runs without Windows, so you can avoid expensive updates and costly crashes.

In addition to all the features listed above, Calypso’s powerful breakfast restaurant POS system includes a host of restaurant management features, including time and scheduling features, inventory management, seamless QuickBooks integration, and much more. Contact Calypso today to discover more ways Calypso can help you handle your expanding breakfast restaurant business with ease!

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