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Coffee Shop Restaurant POSCan your POS keep up with the demands of a hectic coffee shop environment? Customers at your coffee shop may never concur on the best way to prepare their favorite beverage – whether it should be served hot, cold, with a double shot of espresso, or as a skinny half caff – but one thing they all agree on is that their orders should be filled as quickly and accurately as possible. To keep up with the high volume of complex orders that modern coffee shops face, your servers need a full-featured restaurant point of sale system specifically designed for the fast-paced coffee shop environment. Calypso’s coffee shop restaurant POS is the perfect solution, delivering all the features you need with a streamlined, intuitive interface that never slows busy baristas down. There are a number of outstanding features that make Calypso the best choice for bustling coffee houses, including:

Ease of Use Your baristas have to remember and fill complex orders at a frantic pace – the last thing they need is a complex POS system that is hard to navigate. Calypso’s coffee house POS solution features simple, straightforward software that is easy to learn and easy to use, allowing your staff to concentrate on constructing the caffeinated creations craved by your customers. Since Calypso’s coffee shop POS contains just the features coffee shops need, your servers are freed from the need to muddle through features they will never use.

Fast, Accurate, Secure Transactions Whether your customers are coming in for an early morning caffeinated kick or a late afternoon pick-me-up, they do not have the time to wait in long lines. The department driven menu screens featured by Calypso’s POS for coffee shops allows your staff to quickly check out customers without having to waste time searching through multiple screens to find the correct button. Today’s security conscious customers will appreciate  the integrated credit/debit and gift card processing built into Calypso, which allows transactions to be processed directly from the PCI, PA-DSS compliant POS system.

On the Fly Menu Management Offering mid-morning special deals is easy with Calypso, which features on the fly menu management. Just copy and paste existing menu items – modifiers and all – to offer special deals to boost sales on a moment’s notice. In addition to immediate “from the menu screen” price changes, Calypso’s coffee shop point of sale software includes an item countdown feature so you will never have to worry about disappointing customers by overselling items.

Time Management and Payroll Minimize payroll expenses with Calypso’s integrated time clock that controls your employees’ in-and-out times, allowing you to manage and adjust punch times as needed. You can easily monitor employee performance through shift and daily reports, available by terminal, drawer, and by employee, so you can track each barista’s sales and item data.

Drive-Thru Management Features Your Drive-Thru customers need to get back on the road in a hurry, so they count on your staff to deliver the right order without time-consuming delays. To help your employees manage order times efficiently, Calypso’s coffee shop restaurant POS solution includes speed of service reporting as well as special alerts to notify staff of long ticket times.

Discover just how profitable your coffee shop restaurant can be when you use Calypso’s coffee shop restaurant POS solution! Calypso’s coffee shop POS system even seamlessly integrates with the Sundrop Loyalty Solution so you can effortlessly implement a cardless loyalty program. Contact Calypso today at 800-771-7100 to learn more ways Calypso can help ensure your coffee shop success!

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