Tips for Opening Your New Café

tips-for-opening-a-new-cafeCongratulations! You have decided to take control of your financial future by opening your own café. You have chosen the perfect time to start your new venture, according to food industry research firm Technomic, which found that bakery-cafés and coffee-cafés are experiencing some of the highest growth rates of all limited-service restaurants. While these growth rates do not ensure the success of your new café, they show that the market and demand for your type of restaurant is definitely in place. If you can take full advantage of this high demand, you will be able to attract a loyal following and build your café into a profitable success. To help you on your way, Calypso offers five essential tips for opening your new café:

  1. Learn the Café Business
    Before you open the doors of your new café, you need to have an in-depth knowledge of the café business. Yes, you may be a master barista or dynamite bakery chef, but as a successful café owner, you will be responsible for all business operations: hiring and scheduling employees, ordering inventory, balancing the books, and the million and one other details necessary for the profitability of your café. Working as a café manager is the best way to gain this valuable experience; if you cannot do that, then seek a mentor who is willing to share the knowledge she gained from owning a successful café.
  2. Partner With the Right Suppliers
    Whether you are opening a coffee-café or a bakery-café, you need to present your customers with consistently superb menu options. A supplier who occasionally brings you sub-par goods or who is unable to stick to a reliable delivery schedule will leave you with disappointed customers and a damaged reputation. Assemble a network of reliable suppliers to ensure you always have fresh, first quality ingredients to make the delicious coffee, desserts, and other menu items that will keep your customers coming back for more.
  3. Hire Employees with an Upbeat Attitude
    Your employees are more than just workers at your café; they are the face of your restaurant, setting the tone for your entire establishment. Inexperienced, first time employees with an upbeat attitude can be trained to perform competently at your café, but a grumpy barista, even if he can create beautiful latte art, can create a negative atmosphere that will spoil your customers’ experience. Once you hire your enthusiastic employees, make sure they are thoroughly trained so they can offer the fast, accurate service café customers crave.
  4. Offer a Limited Menu of Superb Items
    As a new café owner, you will be operating on a limited budget. Trying to offer an extensive selection of coffee drinks, food items, and desserts will stress your staff, waste your ingredients, and exhaust the operating capital you need to build your café into a profitable success. Instead, offer a limited menu of core beverages and superb food items, gradually adding more items when justified by customer requests.
  5. Choose a Powerful, Affordable Café POS System
    Calypso’s café point of sale system is the most affordable on the market, featuring simple menu screens that even first time employees can learn with ease. With integrated credit/debit processing, time management and payroll functionality, on the fly menu management, check management, and much more, Calypso’s best POS for cafés is the perfect choice for café owners aiming to succeed! Contact Calypso today at 800-771-7100 for more tips on how to make your new café a profitable success!
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