Affordable Pizza Delivery POS Software

Pizza Delivery POS SoftwareAre you trying to find affordable, feature-rich pizza delivery POS software? A quick search on the web will reveal a number of discount and “free” pizza delivery POS software solutions, but these bargain POS software solutions are stripped-down versions will end up costing you far more in the end, because they lack the essential functionality you need to effectively run your pizza delivery business. Calypso’s pizza delivery POS software is truly affordable: it is available for a minimal cost, offers a full roster of front and back of the house operational functions, and includes robust delivery driver management features that allow you to effectively manage multiple drivers with ease!

Calypso’s affordable pizza delivery POS software helps you operate your pizza delivery restaurant efficiently and profitably, by delivering:

Low Start-up Costs
Start-up expenses quickly escalate, leaving new pizza restaurants struggling to stay afloat. Calypso’s affordable pizza delivery POS software is available for just a low initial investment, with no additional fees or software purchases required. There is no need to purchase the third-party processing equipment and additional phone lines required by other pizza POS software, because integrated credit, debit, and gift card processing is built directly into Calypso. Calypso’s pizza shop POS software even helps you lower your payroll expenses, with an easy to learn touchscreen interface that reduces training time. that are so easy to use, even first time employees with be using it like old pros with just a bare minimum of training time.

Minimal Operational Costs
Lowering start-up expenses is a great start, but to qualify as genuinely affordable, pizza delivery point of sale software must also reduce the operational costs of your pizzeria. Since payroll expenses are the largest ongoing expense most pizza restaurants face, Calypso includes an integrated time clock that controls your employees’ in-and-out times. Accurate schedule tracking is included so you can avoid scheduling conflicts and stop paying expensive overtime charges. Calypso even offers optional tracking of recipes, inventory, and ingredients, giving you the opportunity to achieve complete cost-control management.

Advanced Delivery Driver Functionality
A full suite of Delivery Driver Management features are built into Calypso’s pizza delivery POS system, starting with integrated Caller ID that instantly identifies callers, and a powerful customer database that displays all your customers’ vital information including names, numbers, and addresses. There is even room to add special notations, such as driver warnings and instruction or customer allergies and preferences. You can easily manage several drivers at once, thanks to the advanced Delivery Driver management and dispatching functionality that is incorporated into Calypso’s full-featured pizza delivery POS solutions. The Multiple Orders delivery driver ticket allows for flexible order delivery so drivers can make sure their pizzas are delivered in the shortest time possible. Tip reporting is included, along with pizza shop software features that allow you to track tips and sales so you can identify your best drivers and schedule them for your busiest times.

As you can see, Calypso’s powerful pizza delivery POS software solution is not only affordable, it offers the full-featured functionality that will ensure your pizza shop is a profitable venture! A complete array of full-featured pizza shop functionality allows you to customize Calypso to suit your needs; you can add seamless QuickBooks integration, barcode scanning, a versatile loyalty program to increase your customer base, and so much more!

Contact Calypso today at 800-771-7100 to discover all the benefits Calypso’s affordable pizza delivery POS software has to offer!

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