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Quick Service SolutionsAs the owner of a quick service restaurant, you work long hours overseeing your staff as they fill a constant stream of orders from customers in a rush at all times of day and night. From early morning commuters anxious for their first cup of coffee to night owls satisfying their 2am cravings for dessert, your customers rely on your restaurant to keep them happy and well fed. If your POS solution ever stops functioning, your restaurant would face significant losses –from revenue lost while your servers are unable to process transactions, and from customers lost when they turn to other restaurants to satiate their hunger. Protect your restaurant from unnecessary losses by choosing Calypso’s POS for quick service restaurants – our dependable quick service solutions provide trouble-free operation you can count on!

Calypso’s quick service POS solutions are designed to function without the Windows operating system, which protects them from the crashes, glitches, and viruses that other POS systems suffer. If you ever do experience a problem, our Full Service Help Desk can quickly resolve most issues with a single phone call. If you need further help, Calypso’s experienced technicians are ready to help you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. You will never have to watch your profits slip away while you wait for a third party POS system to check; our technicians are dispatched from local offices so they can get you up and running in a hurry!

In addition to offering dependable operation, Calypso’s quick serve point of sale solutions offer the full-featured functionality quick service restaurants need to succeed. The full list of Calypso’s features includes:

Easy Usability
Quick service restaurants have a high amount of employee turnover, leaving them with a need for easy to learn, easy to use POS software that even first time employees can quickly master. With straight-forward, easy to learn screens and department-driven menus that speed service, Calypso’s quick service POS software is an ideal solution for any quick service restaurant.

Swift, Accurate Service
To keep lines moving at blindingly fast speeds, Calypso features a single screen order-to-pay solution, that allows cashiers to place an order, authorize credit/ debit/ gift cards, and pay checks all on one screen. Flexible order routing to kitchen/prep area increases the speed and accuracy of orders even more, making sure that your quick service restaurant offers the fastest service in town!

Drive-Thru Functionality
Your drive-thru customers need their orders served up quickly and accurately, so they can be on their way with no delay. Easily manage order times with the kitchen video display included in Calypso’s POS for quick service, which features speed of service reporting and the ability to set alarms for long ticket times. Item colors can be customized to help your cashiers track Eat In, Take Out, Call In, and Catering orders by type so they can offer the fastest, most accurate service possible.

Loss Prevention Technology
In the frenetic pace of a quick service restaurant, it is easy for employee theft to go unnoticed. Calypso helps protect your profits with cash drawer assignment, which assigns cashiers to their drawers for hands only cash responsibility. SMART cash drawer prevents order entry with open drawer and prevents unauthorized NO SALE transactions.

If you are looking for point of sale software that will help your restaurant offer faster, more accurate service without the threat of crashes, Calypso’s dependable quick service solutions are your best choice! In addition to all the above features, Calypso’s versatile quick service POS solutions also offer time and scheduling features, marketing support, seamless QuickBooks integration, and more.

Contact Calypso today at 800-771-7100 to discover all the ways Calypso’s dependable quick service solutions can help ensure your quick-service restaurant success!

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