Best Frozen Yogurt Point of Sale Systems

Frozen Yogurt POS Systems

Best Frozen Yogurt Point of Sale Systems

Like many things in life, frozen yogurt point of sale systems are at their best when they are balanced. Frozen yogurt point of sale solutions should be affordable, but completely reliable; should be easy for new employees to use, but loaded with the advanced time management and payroll functionality that owners need; and should run smoothly without superfluous software that slows down service, while including all the necessary frozen yogurt features; and so on. Finding frozen yogurt point of sale systems that strike this perfect balance can be quite difficult. Fortunately, Calypso’s frozen yogurt POS systems are up to the challenge. Here is a look at some of the essential features that all frozen yogurt POS systems should have, along with the key reasons that make Calypso the best frozen yogurt point of sale systems on the market!

Opening a frozen yogurt shop comes with considerable financial obligations. Calypso protects your profitability by providiBest Frozen Yogurt Point of Sale Systemsng the most affordable frozen yogurt POS systems on the market, available for just a low initial investment. Integrated credit/debit/gift card processing is included, eliminating the expense of installing additional lines or purchasing third-party processing equipment.

Every time your POS system freezes, crashes, or is otherwise unable to function, the profitability of your frozen yogurt business is threatened. Calypso’s frozen yogurt POS system operates without Windows, so you never have to worry about the crashes, glitches, and hackers that plague other POS systems.

Ease of Use
Frozen yogurt shops often hire first-time employees who are completely unfamiliar with POS equipment, so Calypso’s best frozen yogurt shop POS systems feature simple, department-driven screens that are easy to learn and use.With Calypso’s straight-forward frozen yogurt POS software, accessed via our easy to learn touchscreen interface, even the newest employees will be as proficient as experienced pros in no time!

Time Management and Payroll Functionality
Control your operating costs using Calypso’s dynamic time management and payroll functionality, which an employee time clock that controls employees’ in-and-out times, and advanced scheduling features that help you create schedules and track employee hours, so you can reduce expensive overtime charges.

Essential Frozen Yogurt POS Features
With Calypso’s best yogurt POS solution, you get all the essential tools yogurt shops need, including:

  • Integrated POS Scales – Process transactions quickly and accurately with Calypso’s seamlessly integrated POS scales, which read the weight of frozen yogurt merchandise, use Tare weights to subtract the weight of the cup, and automatically calculate the correct final price.
  • Barcode Scanning – Calypso’s POS scales generate UPC scanning codes; employees just scan check barcodes, improving the speed and accuracy of cashier transactions

Customizable Frozen Yogurt Functionality
Calypso allows you to customize your frozen yogurt POS software, so you have the exact functionality you need without paying for unnecessary features. Choose from:

  • Optional Recipe, Inventory, and Ingredient Tracking – Keep track of stock on hand, monitor product usage, and automatically schedule deliveries
  • Seamless QuickBooks Interface – Easily handle accounting duties
  • Detailed Back Office Reporting – A full roster of reports are available , giving you actionable intelligence so you can make effective management decisions
  • Scalable Solution – Whether you have a single location or multiple locations with multiple POS systems at each location, Calypso’s scalable frozen yogurt solution handles your business with ease.

Now that you know the features Calypso’s best frozen yogurt point of sale systems have to offer, what are you waiting for? Calypso’s experienced representatives are waiting to take your call. Contact Calypso today at 800-771-7100 to discover more ways Calypso can help ensure your frozen yogurt shop success!

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