Frozen Yogurt POS Turnkey Solutions

Frozen Yogurt POS Turnkey SolutionsWhen starting a new frozen yogurt business, you have many tasks to complete and a very limited amount of time in which to accomplish them. Once you sign a lease on your location, the clock starts ticking – every day that you are not open will be costing you money you can ill afford to lose. The last thing you need to do now is waste time assembling the components for your frozen yogurt POS solution. To ensure your frozen yogurt shop is up and running as soon as possible, Calypso offers frozen yogurt POS turnkey solutions that come complete with everything you need to manage your new business. From specialized software to pre-configured hardware specifically chosen to meet the needs of frozen yogurt shops, Calypso’s frozen yogurt POS turnkey solutions have it all!

Integrated POS Scales
One of the essential components that every turnkey POS for yogurt shops should contain is integrated POS scales. Calypso’s integrated POS scales read the weight of your frozen yogurt merchandise, using TARE weights to subtract the weight of the cup and automatically calculate the correct final price. All functions are automatically performed by Calypso’s integrated yogurt shop POS scales, helping your staff to offer fast, accurate service at your shop by eliminating the errors that can occur when cashiers have to re-key manually. For the ultimate simplicity and convenience, Calypso’s yogurt shop POS scales use OZ weights and are configurable for multiple cup sizes.

Easy Usability
Calypso’s truly turnkey yogurt POS solution is easy to learn and use, with straightforward, simple to use software. Even first-time employees will quickly become experts with Calypso’s intuitive touchscreen interface and simple, department-driven menu screens that drastically reduce training time.

Time Management and Payroll Features
Payroll is the largest operating expense you will face at your new frozen yogurt shop. The time management and payroll features included in Calypso’s yogurt shop POS solutions help you keep payroll expenses to a manageable level, with an integrated time clock that controls your employees’ in-and-out times. Accurate schedule tracking makes it easy to avoid scheduling conflicts so you can eliminate expensive overtime charges.

Integrated Payment Processing
When you choose Calypso’s complete frozen yogurt POS system, it includes integrated credit, debit, and gift card processing. There is nothing else to buy – you can process transactions directly from the PCI, PA-DSS compliant POS system with no need to install expensive additional phone lines or purchase third-party processing equipment!

Recipe, Inventory, and Ingredient Tracking
Running out of your customers’ favorite frozen yogurt flavors or toppings will seriously damage your shop’s profitability. Calypso’s customizable yogurt shop POS solution can include robust, easy to use inventory management features that keep track of your stock on hand, product usage, and order information so you know what to order and when to schedule deliveries. Ingredient tracking lets you determine usage amounts, which can help you figure menu item ROI.

QuickBooks Integration
Accounting duties can be intimidating for new frozen yogurt shop owners, but Calypso’s integrated QuickBooks interface makes it easy to transfer sales and order data. Even balancing the books becomes a breeze!

As you can see, Calypso’s frozen yogurt POS turnkey solutions include everything you need to manage your new frozen yogurt shop with ease! Your customized Calypso turnkey yogurt shop solution can also include barcode scanning, loss prevention technology with integrated DVR systems, and gift and loyalty programs to help you build a motivated customer base.

Contact Calypso today at 800-771-7100 to discover more ways Calypso’s frozen yogurt POS turnkey solutions can help you build your new business into a profitable success!

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