Ice Cream Parlor POS System

Ice Cream Parlor POS SystemSummer is finally here, and ice cream parlor owners across the country are rejoicing! While ice cream is a perennial favorite that has a loyal following during even the coldest months, it is during the hazy, hot days of summer that ice cream reaches its peak appeal. Keeping up with the hordes of overheated customers who will be lining up for your frozen confections can be a challenge, especially if your ice cream parlor POS is difficult to use or lacks some essential features or functionalities. Calypso understands the needs of ice cream parlor owners; that is why our ice cream parlor POS systems offer the full-featured functionality you need to provide fast, accurate customer service while expertly managing all of your parlor’s business operations.

Calypso’s ice cream parlor POS system provides the essential features that can make your ice cream parlor a rousing success, including:

Even though an ice cream parlor is one of the least expensive restaurants to establish, you still need to keep a strict eye on your expenses. Calypso’s ice cream POS systems are the most affordable POS systems on the market, requiring only a low initial investment to obtain. Integrated credit card processing is built right into Calypso’s dinating the need for expensive additional phone lines or third party equipment.

When your ice cream parlor fills up with summertime customers, you cannot afford to have a POS system that crashes, freezes, or goes off-line – you need that revenue! Calypso’s ice cream parlor POS solution is safe from the vulnerabilities other POS systems have, because it does not run on the Windows operating system. You will never have to worry about losing customers or cash to crashes again!

Easy Usability
When summertime crowds come seeking your wares, you need to be able to deliver fast, accurate service so you can keep lines moving swiftly. That can be a problem if your POS system is confusing or difficult to use, especially since many ice cream shop workers are first-time employees who are new POS systems. Calypso features simple, department-driven menu screens, and a single screen order-to-pay solution that makes Calypso’s POS for ice cream shops easy to learn, simple to use, and the ideal way to ensure your customers get the swift efficient service they deserve!

Time Management and Payroll
Payroll is the single largest operating expense your ice cream parlor will face; fortunately, the powerful time management and payroll features included in Calypso’s ice cream shop POS will help you rein in excessive payroll expenditures and keep your business firmly on the path to profitability. Robust time management features allow you to control in and out times, manage and adjust punch times and tip reporting, and even helps you track tip vs. sales.

Essential Ice Cream Parlor POS Functionality
Ice cream shops come in wide variety of sizes and styles, and their POS needs vary just as widely. Calypso allows you to create a customized turnkey ice cream point of sale solution, so you can have the exact functionality you need without having to pay for unwanted features you will never use. With a whole range of POS features like seamless QuickBooks integration, integrated POS scales, and customer loyalty programs, Calypso’s ice cream parlor POS solution has everything you need to make your business a profitable success!

Contact Calypso today at 800-771-7100 to discover how Calypso’s flexible ice cream parlor POS system can help your business function better than ever before!

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