Juice Smoothie POS System

Juice Smoothie POS SystemFor juice smoothie bars, the key to success lies in serving fresh, delicious drinks to as many customers as possible. You must keep your lines moving quickly, so customers can get their supply of veggie vitamin goodness and get on with their busy day. In order to do this, you need a juice smoothie POS system that is affordable, simple, and powerful: affordable to obtain, simple to learn and use, with powerful business features that will help you manage every aspect of your business. Calypso’s Juice Smoothie POS System has all the business management features that are essential for juice smoothie bar success: from inventory management to payroll scheduling, Calypso can help you do it all!

The full list of features that makes Calypso’s juice smoothie POS system the perfect choice for your business includes:

Start-up expenses quickly add up when opening a new business. Calypso’s juice smoothie POS system helps you stay within your budget by including integrated credit, debit, and gift card processing at no charge. This eliminates the expense of additional phone lines and third party processing equipment. Calypso is available for just a low initial investment, and reduces training expenses with straightforward, easy to learn juice bar POS software that even first time employees can master with ease!

Easy Usability
With simple, department driven menu screens and a single screen order-to-pay solution, Calypso’s POS for Juice and Smoothie Bars helps your staff offer the fast, efficient service that will keep lines moving swiftly. Flexible order routing to kitchen/prep area increases speed and order accuracy. Included barcode scanning automatically enters the prices of your nutraceuticals and supplements into your juice bar POS solution to make cashier transactions swifter and more accurate.

Time Management and Payroll
Payroll is the single largest operating expense your juice & smoothie bar will face. With the powerful time management and payroll features included in Calypso’s juice bar POS system, you can eliminate expensive overtime charges and keep payroll expenses to a minimum. Powerful time management features are included that allow you to control in and out times, manage and adjust punch times and tip reporting, and even track tips vs. sales.

Inventory Management Features
In order to create your delicious juices and smoothies, you need to have a generous supply of the freshest fruits and vegetables on hand at all times. The optional inventory management features provided by Calypso’s best juice and smoothie bar POS keep track of your stock on hand, monitoring product usage, and compiling order information. All the inventory information you need is easily accessible, so you will know the exact quantities you need to order, enabling you to set up delivery schedules that will ensure you never run short of any needed ingredients.

When you have a store full of customers ready for your nutritious juices and smoothies to supercharge their day, you cannot afford to have your POS system crash, freeze, or suddenly go off-line – you need those sales! Calypso’s juice smoothie POS system is Windows-free, making it safe from vulnerabilities that can cause you to lose valuable business.

Calypso is the perfect POS for juice smoothie bars, offering everything your juice bar needs to succeed! With a full list of POS features, including seamless QuickBooks integration, integrated POS scales, and a robust customer loyalty program, Calypso’s juice smoothie POS solution has everything you need to make your business a profitable success!

Contact Calypso today at 800-771-7100 to discover more ways Calypso’s juice smoothie POS system can help your business become a profitable success!

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