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Congratulations on your decision to open a pizza shop! America’s love affair with pizza is still going strong, so opening a pizza shop could prove to be a fiscally wise decision – as long as you are willing to put in a lot of long hours and a great deal of hard work! Once you have your pizza recipe perfected and the ideal site chosen, it is time to assemble the needed pizza shop equipment. Take the time to consider your equipment purchases carefully – you will need to rely on these pieces for years to come, so it is important to find equipment that is affordable for you now, but has the capacity to help your business grow. To help you get started, this list details some of the essential pizza shop equipment you will need:

Commercial Dough Mixer: The best tasting pizzas start with handmade crust, freshly made every day. In order to offer handmade crust, you will need a commercial dough mixer, available in a variety of sizes, styles, and speeds, and available in floor or countertop versions.

Pizza Dough Sheeter: If you want to roll out your dough, spinning and tossing it in the air to the delight of your customers, a sheeter is not for you. For a high-volume pizza delivery shop, a pizza dough sheeter is invaluable, allowing employees to simply run dough through to get the desired crust thickness quickly and efficiently.

Pizza Prep Tables: A refrigerated pizza prep table provides your cooks with a workstation to add sauce, cheese, and toppings to your pies, while keeping ingredients at a safe temperature and within easy reach. A standard prep table cannot be substituted, as pizza prep tables have a greater width to accommodate the largest pie sizes.

Pizza Ovens: Pizza ovens come in two different styles, depending on the volume of pizza you expect to be serving in your restaurant:

  • Pizza Deck Ovens – Traditional pizza ovens, these cook pies on “pizza stones,” creating crispy, bubbling pizzas. Sizes range from single deck to triple deck.
  • Pizza Conveyor Ovens – Perfect for high volume pizzerias, they use a conveyor belt to move uncooked pizzas through the oven to keep up with heavy demand.

Pizza Merchandisers: Once your pizza pies come out of the oven, slip them in the merchandiser to entice customers who are looking to purchase pizza by the slice. Pizza merchandisers keep your pies hot and fresh, displaying them to patrons so they can view their choices.

Pizza Shop POS: Calypso’s pizza shop POS has all the features you need to operate your new restaurant: labor scheduling, an employee time clock, and robust inventory management features. To help keep your expenses low, Calypso’s affordable pizza shop POS solutions include integrated credit card processing, seamless QuickBooks integration, and Window-less operation with no needed upgrades. Offering dynamic delivery service is easy with Calypso’s Pizza Delivery POS, which includes Delivery Driver management and dispatching, a detailed customer database with integrated Caller ID, and a Multiple Orders delivery driver ticket that allows for flexible order delivery.

Once you have your pizza shop POS equipment list, and necessary supplies in hand, you are ready to start hiring employees. Calypso gives you the freedom to hire first-time employees, since our pizza shop POS features simple, department driven screens that are so easy to learn and use, even the newest employees will soon be handling them like pros!

Contact Calypso today at 1-800-771-7100 to discover more ways Calypso’s Pizza Shop POS can help ensure your pizza shop is a profitable success!

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