Affordable Bakery POS Software

Affordable Bakery POS SoftwareAre you searching for powerful, affordable POS software for your bakery business? As a new bakery owner, you face a challenging task during your first year: you need to find point of sale software that is powerful enough to help you grow your bakery business, and affordable enough to allow you to stick to your start-up budget during the crucial first year. Ideally, you need an affordably priced point of sale system that helps you control start-up expenses and lower operating costs, while still delivering a full roster of features to help you profitably manage your bakery operation. Calypso’s affordable bakery POS software is the perfect solution, providing you with full-featured bakery shop functionality at a price you can readily afford!

Calypso’s affordable bakery POS software is specifically designed to increase your profitability, with a full list of features that provide affordable bakery operation by:

Lowering Start-up Expenses
Calypso provides a bakery POS solution that is truly affordable, as it is available for just a low initial investment. Integrated credit card processing is included, eliminating the need for third party processing equipment or expensive additional phone lines. Featuring a touchscreen interface and simple, department-driven menu screens that are easy to learn and use, Calypso’s turnkey bakery POS  drastically reduces training expenses.

Reducing Operating Costs
To ensure the on-going profitability of your bakery, Calypso’s bakery POS solution includes time and attendance functionality with an employee time clock that controls your employees’ in-and-out times, allowing you to easily manage and adjust punch times. Arranging schedules and tracking employee hours to minimize costs can consume a great deal of new bakery owners’ time, so Calypso includes robust scheduling features that decrease the amount of time it takes to create weekly schedules, making payroll more affordable by eliminating unnecessary overtime expenses.

Enabling Fast, Accurate Transactions
The cashiers at your bakery will be able to process a high volume of transactions, thanks to Calypso’s best bakery POS, which features a simple, single screen order-to-pay solution that allows cashiers to place an order, authorize credit, debit, and gift cards, and pay checks all from the same screen for the fastest speed of service. Optional barcode scanning makes ringing up packaged desserts accurate and fast by allowing yourto simply scan in prices.

Offering Optional Tracking of Recipes, Inventory, and Ingredients
In order for your bakery to be profitable, you need to be able to price your delectable desserts and baked goods accurately. Available ingredient and recipe tracking allows you to determine precise ingredient usage amounts, so you can calculate the exact ROI for each menu item. Robust, easy to use inventory management features are also available with Calypso’s customizable POS for bakeries, to help you keep track of your stock on hand, monitor product usage, and order information so you know how much to order of each product, and when to schedule deliveries.

Providing Seamless QuickBooks Integration
Accounting duties are such an onerous chore for new bakery owners that many end up hiring outside help. Calypso eliminates this unnecessary expense with an integrated QuickBooks interface that makes balancing the books a breeze!

As you can see, Calypso’s affordable bakery POS software comes complete with all the features you need to turn your new shop into a profitable and efficient success! Calypso also has turnkey solutions customized for table service restaurants, quick serve restaurants, pizza delivery shops, and more.

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