Juice Bar Turnkey Solutions

Juice Bar Turnkey SolutionsAre you searching for a true, turnkey POS solution for your juice bar? Whether you are an experienced owner of a juice bar empire or a fledgling entrepreneur opening your very first juice bar, you need a powerful turnkey solution in order to make your business the profitable success it should be. The best juice bar turnkey solutions are specifically formulated with all the features your business needs including easy to understand screens to help your cashiers offer fast, accurate service; powerful management features that will help you handle all operations at your juice bar with ease; and affordable hardware components with no extra parts to buy. Calypso’s juice bar turnkey solutions fit the bill, providing all your requirements in one affordable package: specialized juice bar software and pre-configured POS hardware, with no extra components needed!

Calypso’s juice bar turnkey solutions come complete, with all the point of sale features you need already included:

Complete Juice Bar POS Hardware Components
When you purchase Calypso‘s turnkey juice bar solution, it includes all the hardware you need to operate your juice bar restaurant, from an easy to learn touchscreen interface to integrated POS scales that allow your cashiers to easily weigh fruit cups for your customers. TARE weights automatically subtract the weight of the cup from the total weight, so cashiers can process transactions quickly. Calypso runs without the Windows Operating systems, so you never have to purchase updates or suffer through the glitches, crashes, and viruses to which Windows machines are vulnerable. Calypso’s juice bar POS software even includes integrated credit card processing, eliminating the need for third party processing equipment and additional phone lines!

Easy Usability
Calypso’s POS for juice bars features simple, department driven screens, and a single screen order-to-pay solution that enables even first-time employees to offer fast, efficient service. Flexible order routing to your kitchen/prep area helps ensure juice bar beverages are made exactly to order. Calypso’s turnkey juice bar solution come complete with barcode scanning that automatically enters the price of your nutraceuticals and supplements to keep lines moving swiftly.

Time Management and Payroll Features
A built-in employee time clock and powerful labor scheduling features included in Calypso’s juice bar point of sale system help you avoid unnecessary overtime expenses keep payroll expenses to a minimum. Included functionality helps you to easily manage punch times and quickly draw up employee schedules.

Inventory Management Functionality
Fresh fruit is essential to your juice bar success, so Calypso includes a full roster of inventory management features that will help you to track ingredients and monitor product usage, so you can develop delivery schedules that will ensure you never run short of fresh fruit or other necessary ingredients.

Detailed Back Office Reporting
All the data you need to pilot your juice bar to success is at your fingertips, thanks to Calypso’s robust reporting module that gives you actionable intelligence that allows you to monitor, track, and control all the various business operations at your establishment.

When you choose Calypso’s best juice bar POS solution, you are getting a true turnkey juice bar solution complete with durable hardware components and robust software features that give you everything you need to turn your juice bar into a profitable success!

Contact Calypso today at 800-771-7100 to discover more ways Calypso’s turnkey juice bar solution can help ensure your new juice bar is a rousing success!

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