Summer Frozen Yogurt Trends

Summer Frozen Yogurt TrendsAre you taking advantage of the latest trends to boost your frozen yogurt sales this summer? Summer is always the busiest season at frozen yogurt shops, and this year is no exception. Long vacation days and rising summer temperatures are sending customers in droves to frozen yogurt shops, where competition is fierce as each shop strives to become the favorite frozen yogurt destination of the season. Refreshing new flavors and frozen yogurt variations are sweeping this summer’s offerings, as adventurous customers seek new flavor combinations to excite their palate. Try incorporating these summer frozen yogurt trends at your shop, after you add a unique touch or two to make them your own, for an easy way to make your frozen yogurt shop the hottest place for cool treats!

The hottest summer frozen yogurt trends for 2014 include:

Sophisticated Coffee House Offerings
The upsurge of interest in coffee shops is spilling over to the frozen yogurt industry, where coffee flavored frozen yogurt and coffee house drinks have been introduced to great acclaim. Red Mango recently launched its new Iced Coffee Collection featuring artisanal cold-brewed coffee as well as iced and frozen lattes. See if this could be a winning trend at your frozen yogurt shop by serving up small batches of your own freshly made cold-brewed coffee, packaged in decorative bottles and stocked with your packaged dessert and drink offerings.

Sorbets and Summery Fruit Flavors
Sorbets are prominently featured by the largest frozen yogurt chains in the country, whom are all developing their own line of sorbets. Available in a slew of flavors that run the gamut from sweet to savory, sorbets could prove a crowd pleaser at your frozen yogurt shop. Introducing new flavors is always a good way to generate renewed interest and increase foot traffic at your shop. Watermelon is the most popular of the new fruit taste sensations sweeping the nation, with Pinkberry, Menchie’s, TCBY, and other major retailers offering their own take on watermelon goodness. Watermelon is joined by banana and peanut flavors, which are mainly appearing in combinations, such as Peanut Butter Banana and Pineapple Strawberry Banana. In a unique twist, a line of mocktail flavors that have been introduced by Yogurtland are also proving to be popular choices. Try creating your own natural fruit flavors and combinations, using fresh fruit to enhance the flavorful experience.

Healthy Options
The trend towards healthier, vegan, and organic frozen yogurt flavors and concoctions that ushered in the New Year is still going strong, with new options flooding in for the summer. Baskin-Robbins started the summer off with a bang this year by introducing their first ever Greek frozen yogurt flavor. Live and active cultures provide customers with health benefits while they enjoy the tasty Greek yogurt flavors of their favorite frozen treat, enhanced by real fruit striping that enlivens the taste and texture of the froyo. Vegan friendly offerings and non-traditional bases such as vegan soy vanilla frozen yogurt and coconut water sorbets are showing strongly, as well. Summer Farmers’ Markets and organic fruit choice

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