Table Service Solutions

Bank management

  • Allows for a central cashier or for servers/bartenders/ drivers to manage their own ticket payment

Shift and Daily reports are available by terminal, drawer and by employee

  • Sales tracking
  • Item and Department sales reports by employee, time and product.
  • Track employee sales and item data.

Check management

  • Separate checks by seat, item or dollar amount.
  • Bar Tab and Charge Account tracking.

Liquor Pouring Interface

  • Automatic liquor dispensing system protects “Liquid Assets”

Item Countdown Feature

  • Countdown specials or critical items to prevent over selling

On the Fly menu management

  • Copy and Paste existing menu items – modifiers and all
  • Immediate “from the menu screen” price changes
  • Single terminal or whole house shift changes for that straggling Happy Hour customer